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Camcode’s LDAR Tags Featured in Resource Engineering & Maintenance Magazine

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Camcode LDAR Tags

LDAR Tags and Steam Trap Tags from Camcode

Camcode’s Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Tags are now featured in Resource Engineering & Maintenance (REM) magazine’s current Spring 2011 issue. The magazine is Canada’s reliability source for industrial engineers, plant operations and maintenance professionals in large scale, asset-intensive resource industries. REM’s mission is to provide these professionals with information they need to increase manufacturing production and equipment uptime, integrate new technology, reduce operating costs, manage groups of skilled professionals in an industrial setting and encourage career development.
In the article titled, “Bar Code Tags Keep Hundreds of Thousands of Leak Points in Check”, the magazine features one of Camcode’s LDAR customers, a leading Canadian environmental service company, whose LDAR services depend on a durable, accurate bar code tag system, which they found in our Metalphoto® with Teflon® anodized aluminum LDAR Tags & Steam Trap Tags.
“I’ve been quite happy with Camcode,” the company’s founder and president said. “When choosing tags, I look for what’s current at the time and I go to the company that offers the highest value solution. Camcode offered me that.”
Click here to read the entire article from REM magazine.
Our LDAR Bar Code Tags are an integral part of automating the LDAR technician work process, proven to work with leading mobile software solutions and field data acquisition devices. Perform field data acquisition more quickly and with greater accuracy resulting in increased productivity and reduced labor costs.
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