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Durable Barcode Labels from Camcode Gain Underwriters Laboratories Approval

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Camcode’s Metalphoto® products and processes have recently been certified as part of the Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) Authorized Label Supplier Program.  An independent safety certification organization, UL has been testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century.

Asset Tags

Metalphoto Asset Tags with 3M #468 Adhesive

As part of the Authorized Label Supplier program, we are approved to print the UL logo on Metalphoto asset labels, as well as print UL labels using Metalphoto material. The UL approval and mark signify that both the label and the material it is printed on are approved through UL. This includes our .003” through .032” Metalphoto labels with 3M #468 adhesive.
Because UL is the established global authority on quality, durability and safety, we are proud that our durable Metalphoto products and production processes have been recognized to satisfy UL’s rigorous standards.
The full list of Camcode’s UL-approved materials include .003”, .005” and .008” Metalphoto foil, and .012”, .020” and .032” rigid Metalphoto labels.  All are approved with 3M #468 adhesive. Check out these barcode labels at www.www.camcode.com.

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