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Developing Customized Solutions

Military Asset Tracking / UID

A defense supplier was looking for a unique solution to help make their manufacturing process more efficient. The defense supplier was using hammock trays or “chip trays” to hold products as they were assembled in their factory. They were in search of a new way to bar code and identify each tray during the manufacturing process, which would help them to better organize parts. However, they wanted to avoid the added labor involved with placing a very small bar code label on the tray.
Being a previous Camcode customer, the defense supplier knew they could count on Camcode to deliver durable asset labels and valuable assistance to help them identify the trays, leading to more efficient manufacturing processes. “We’ve had good success with previous labels we purchased from Camcode,” said an engineer.
For their new asset tracking needs, this defense supplier selected Camcode not only for their durable and reliable labels, but because of the additional services Camcode could provide. The defense supplier and Camcode collaborated to develop a unique solution to help them identify their chip trays with bar codes. The defense supplier selected Camcode’s Metalphoto® Foil Asset Tags because of their durability and flexibility in manufacturing settings.
To complete the project, Camcode then purchased the chip trays for the defense supplier, designed and manufactured the labels required to identify each tray, and finally applied the labels to each tray and shipped them in sequential order. The defense supplier received the trays complete with labels in order, and could begin using them immediately.
The defense supplier found success and efficiency with Camcode’s full service approach. “The labels and trays have been working quite well,” said the engineer. “We’ve been pleased with Camcode’s customer service and timely responses to inquiries.”

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