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Trust Camcode for Comprehensive and Customized Asset Management Services

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For more than 30 years, you’ve trusted Camcode’s durable asset label solutions to help you identify, track and control your assets.  Today, Camcode can also help you gain total control of your assets and increase accountability within your system through the use of proven automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) processes and our durable asset labels and tags.
Asset Management ServicesCamcode’s project management team works with you to develop customized services and process driven methods that help you gain confidence in your asset data. From high-level policy implementation down through asset label installation and registration into asset databases, Camcode project managers control the process throughout each stage. This ensures dependable data is generated, which leads to reliable and measurable results. Our asset management solutions include some of the following tailored services and added benefits:
Project Management

  • Help establish uniformity across all divisions and branches
  • Rely on tailored best practice expertise and guidance throughout each step
  • Have confidence that your program will meet applicable standards, such as ISO 55000

Engineering & Marking Specifications

  • Perform audits easily through consistent labeling
  • Avoid data collection errors with easy implementation of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) best practices
  • Develop clear-cut documentation that all departments and divisions can utilize

Data Reconciliation 

  • Reduce and control costly inventory
  • Improve data accuracy and record reliability
  • Execute audit compliance quickly and easily

Data Management

  • No need to check for duplicate data
  • Discrepancies are flagged and rectified prior to asset label  creation and entry in a database
  • Easily generate new data sequences

 Asset Label Installation 

  • Camcode installs the asset labels for you, rather than using internal or temporary resources
  • Thoroughly trained installation teams complete asset label installation consistently for all assets
  • Verified processes ensure the correct labels are affixed to the correct assets

Asset Item Registration

  • Save time and hassle when Camcode performs challenging and lengthy registrations for you
  • Documented reports give you assurance that asset item registration was performed properly
  • Create a clean and consistent database with properly registered assets

Project Reporting

  • Attain access to past data
  • Determine infrastructure inventory and valuation
  • Easily view the location, cost and history for any items

Contact us today to learn how Camcode can help your organization use item-level asset identification and tracking to improve asset management operations, help insure regulatory compliance, and reduce the costs and risk associated with managing assets and corresponding asset data.

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