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Camcode Helps The Netherlands with UID Compliance

Military Asset Tracking / UID
Camcode has assisted The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MoD) in completing UID marking compliance to NATO’s STANAG 2290, “UID of Items” This is the first successful completion of a UID marking initiative for the Netherlands MoD and is among the first completion not driven by the US DoD Item Unique Identification (IUID) requirements. The Netherlands is one of a handful of NATO countries who have begun implementing UID of Items and a main contributor to the NATO guidance contained in Allied Publication, AUIDP-1,”UID of Items”, July 2010.
Looking for help with UID compliance, The Netherlands MoD sought out Camcode for our UID expertise.
“All of our contacts with Camcode were essential in understanding UID, from label options and technology issues to scanner programming and implementation know-how,” says a Netherlands MoD project manager. “We were quickly able to make the right decisions to lay down a failure-free UID foundation.”
They completed a successful pilot program, labeling 320 assets using Camcode’s Metalphoto® labels with adhesive attachment, and will launch full-scale implementation of UID labeling of 215,000 assets in late 2010.
“Camcode proved to be a fast and flexible partner when it came to the actual design, choice of material and the best way to attach the labels to our assets,” The Netherlands UID project manager says.
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