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It’s Already Time for Schools to Plan for Next Year

Inventory Tracking Labels

For schools, colleges and universities, “next year” is right around the corner. Though most schools are still finishing up the academic year, it’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming school year. Asset management is one area that needs early attention. A 2007 study estimated that school districts lose more than $80,000 per year due to lost or damaged school assets1. Asset management can be particularly challenging for educational institutions due to the large amounts of assets that are circulated throughout districts or departments.
asset tag computerWhether you’re looking to identify school or facility equipment such as furniture, computers, projectors and other educational tools, it’s important to have durable asset labels to identify school property. An asset management system with asset labels will help you identify, control and track your valuable school assets from acquisition to disposal.
Manage Data and Records
With asset management systems that utilize asset tags and asset labels, there’s no more manual data entry and hours of inventory control. Collect data such as purchase information, item location and warranty information by simply scanning a bar code asset label.
Increase Accuracy
In addition to managing school property records, bar code asset tags can also help you eliminate misplaced or lost items, comply with state and federal regulations, and reduce data inconsistencies. You can even use asset management systems to control data such as software licenses, as well as make more informed decisions about asset allocations.
Prevent Theft
With durable asset tags, you can prevent theft of school property like tablets, laptops and audio visual equipment. Foil asset labels are the most durable choice for security asset labels.  Tamper-evident asset tags leave a void pattern behind on the asset and the back of the label if it is peeled. Destructible asset labels break apart if removed. Both types of asset labels prevent tampering and protect against unauthorized transfer.
asset-management-for-schoolsIn addition to durable asset labels, efficient education asset management systems also need the proper software programs and hardware or scanners. If you already have a software system in place, most asset labels and hardware can be configured to meet your programs.
With asset management systems that use durable asset labels, schools can realize a variety of benefits from reduced cost and time savings to more informed decision making and better resource allocation. If you haven’t already, consider implementing an asset management system for the upcoming school year.
1 – http://www.techlearning.com/features/0039/assessing-your-assets/44440

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