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9 Facilities Preventive Maintenance Checklists From the Experts

Facility Management
Reviewing maintenance checklist in a factory

Preventive maintenance is an important technique that can be combined with predictive and corrective (or reactive) maintenance to create a complete facility maintenance management plan. Facility and asset managers must coordinate their efforts to maximize performance across an entire operation. This can be especially challenging for businesses that operate in the healthcare, real estate, and energy sectors and often have multiple locations to manage.

Checklists are still an excellent way to manage preventive maintenance work. Preventive maintenance requires the use of visual inspections to determine the need for any immediate service. The introduction of centralized software such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) platforms has now made the process of managing preventive maintenance digital. These systems also offer additional opportunities to automate and streamline manual maintenance tasks with the use of facility asset management tags and barcode scanners.

This list of facility preventive maintenance checklists will give you some excellent ideas to get started. These checklists can be used to create or update preventive maintenance workflows that are thorough and effective.

1. Cushman and Wakefield (checklist)

Maintenance worker reviewing checklist

As experts in commercial real estate, Cushman and Wakefield have decades of experience managing an extensive portfolio of offices, warehouses, and other business facilities. Their checklist provides a six-part structure that covers all major components of a facility including lighting, HVAC, and waste management. There are also some excellent tips for inspecting plumbing and exterior hardware components during these period checks.

2. Grainger (checklist)

The team at Grainger understands industrial supplies and has been providing quality products for nearly 100 years. This preventive maintenance checklist that they share on their website covers all major utility and building systems of a typical facility. The list is clearly presented along with relevant links to more information regarding common consumables that are used.

3. doForms (checklist)

DoForms creates mobile forms for personal and business use. They have created this comprehensive post that not only provides a preventive maintenance checklist but also explains how to use the information. There are many benefits to using electronic checklists when managing preventive maintenance work and this post will help you understand how to use them in your business environment.

4. FMX (checklist)

Managers reviewing maintenance software

FMX provides CMMS and CAFM software and tools for companies of all sizes. They offer six preventive maintenance checklists on their website that can be downloaded as a Google Sheets template. This makes it easy to incorporate these ideas into your own working document and use the information in a way that matters most for your existing maintenance management framework.

5. Buildings.com (checklist)

The Buildings Media company has an excellent collection of facility maintenance and facilities management articles and resources. Their preventive maintenance checklist is divided into 5 categories including HVAC, plumbing, and lighting. The final category is dedicated to long-term items that can often be overlooked during these routine inspections. This checklist can also be downloaded as a pdf for easy reference and sharing.

6. MaintainX (checklist)

Maintenance and operations software company MaintainX is an excellent platform for managing all aspects of facility upkeep. This ultimate guide to preventive maintenance includes a ton of useful information for setting up a program and developing maintenance checklists. There are 10 sections within this post and one of the final topics explains how to create a preventive maintenance checklist along with some examples.

7. SafetyCulture (checklist)

SafetyCulture is a workplace safety business that hosts a massive collection of over 10o,000 industry checklists on their website covering a number of important topics including maintenance. They offer three different downloadable preventive maintenance checklists for inspecting computers, utility vehicles, and compressors. These checklists can be used along with their iAuditor mobile app to automate equipment inspections.

8. AkitaBox (checklist)

Worker performing maintenance on equipment

AkitaBox is a facility management software platform that includes several tools for managing floor plans, equipment installations, and maintenance. This ultimate preventive maintenance checklist can be downloaded for free by entering some basic contact information. The checklist is designed as a comprehensive step-by-step guide and includes detailed tips for asset identification, data collection, and labeling.

9. Limble CMMS (checklist)

As a computerized maintenance management system, Limble CMMS offers companies the ability to streamline their entire maintenance program.  The hospitality and travel industries must prioritize maintenance work in order to keep their facilities in peak operating condition without disrupting guests. This preventive maintenance checklist is focused on hotels and covers important inspection recommendations for building systems, facility areas, and equipment.

Any preventive maintenance checklists should be customized based on the needs of each building. While facilities share many common utilities and systems, there are likely to be important site-specific considerations for security, safety, and access. Combining routine preventive maintenance work with other styles such as predictive and corrective maintenance is the best way to improve the overall performance of a facility. Comparing ideas and searching for proven tips is an excellent way to develop your own effective preventive maintenance checklists.

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