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25 Best IT Asset Management Systems

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Computers, hardware, and IT assets in an office

Your organization invests a lot in its IT assets. From laptops to tablets to routers, the physical hardware in your organization really adds up. But as your organization grows, you might realize that it’s impossible to manage all of these devices manually. That’s where IT asset management systems come in. These solutions help businesses better manage their assets. You can monitor an asset’s warranty status, location, use logs, and more with the right asset management system, such as:

  • NinjaOne
  • SuperOps.ai
  • Reftab
  • Pulseway
  • ServiceNow
  • SysAid
  • …and more

Before we get to the full list, let’s take a look at what an IT asset management system is and what it’s used for.

What is an IT Asset Management System?

An IT asset management system is a software solution for managing various IT-related assets, such as servers, desktop computers, monitors, mobile devices, audio-visual equipment, and other assets. Some IT asset management systems can manage both physical assets and intangible assets like software, while others focus exclusively on physical IT assets. These solutions offer features such as check-in, check-out capabilities so you always have visibility into where assets are located and what assets are available, work order management, a complete history of an asset’s lifecycle, hardware discovery, and more.

For physical IT asset management, tagging assets with durable barcode labels and asset tags that integrate seamlessly with your IT asset management software streamlines documentation processes, such as tracking what updates have been installed on various devices, saving your IT team time while also reducing the human error that often comes with manual documentation processes. Camcode offers asset tagging solutions designed to meet your organization’s unique specifications, such as security labels and tamper-evident barcode labels for your high-value IT assets, property identification tags, and a variety of other asset tags that will remain readable throughout the lifespan of your assets.

Asset tags and barcode labels integrate seamlessly with your IT asset management system, enabling your team to check devices in and out with a quick barcode scan, track vendor information when replacements or repairs are needed, calculate depreciation for tax purposes, and more.

25 Leading IT Asset Management Systems

Which asset management system is right for your IT department? Here are the 25 best IT asset management systems on the market.

1. NinjaOne



NinjaOne not only offers real-time insights into all of your IT assets, but it also identifies unused assets. It manages Windows, Mac, Linux, VMWare, and SNMP devices for effective IT asset management.

Notable features include:

  • Automatic asset discovery
  • Real-time data
  • Tracking and alerts

2. Flowtrac



Flowtrac does more than just IT asset management. It also offers barcoding and inventory features to help you manage your physical assets at scale. Flowtrac even has check in, check out, and reserve features for all of the assets in your business — not just for IT.

Notable features include:

  • Serial numbers and tagging
  • RFID
  • Integrations

3. Kandji



Kandji specializes in Apple asset management, bringing IT and cybersecurity into one dashboard. If your organization exclusively uses Apple, Kandji is a must-have. It not only manages your teams’ devices, but it can even detect vulnerabilities that are unique to macOS.

Notable features include:

  • Device management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Endpoint detection and response

4. SuperOps.ai



SuperOps.ai offers everything from service desk to client management, but it’s also known for its IT asset management. See real-time records of both the hardware and software assets in your business — and if you work on behalf of clients, you can see the assets in their business, too.

Notable features include:

  • Real-time inventory and analytics
  • Smart workflows
  • Automated software and Windows management

5. Freshservice



In addition to IT asset management, Freshservice helps organizations improve their IT service desk, project management, and reporting. Trust this solution to get more visibility into the hardware, software, and SaaS solutions your business relies on.

Notable features include:

  • Unified asset lifecycle management
  • Process automation
  • Asset analytics

6. xAssets



Unlike other platforms that do a little bit of everything, xAssets focuses on IT asset management. This solution helps organizations reduce spending, improve compliance, and increase productivity with smarter asset management.

Notable features include:

  • Software asset management
  • Hardware discovery
  • Full lifecycle management

7. AssetExplorer



AssetExplorer is a solution from ManageEngine that does IT asset management via a web-based app. From planning to disposal, AssetExplorer helps businesses manage all of their physical and software assets to streamline productivity and costs.

Notable features include:

  • Software license compliance
  • Auto-discovery and management
  • Asset grouping

8. Reftab



Reftab is an all-in-one asset management tool that handles asset management as well as barcodes and licenses. Customize categories, email alerts, and labels to build a robust IT asset management solution that keeps up with your busy team.

Notable features include:

  • Check in / check out
  • Tracking kits
  • Asset depreciation

9. Asset Panda


Asset Panda

Asset Panda is one of the most popular IT asset management solutions on the market. With clients like WebMD and The Boring Company, it specializes in tracking all types of equipment, including laptops and field service equipment.

Notable features include:

  • Warranty tracking and user manuals
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Web, iOs, and Android app

10. Pulseway



Pulseway allows you to manage desktops, servers, and even network devices from its intuitive dashboard. It not only spots hardware on your network but it can even handle patch management and reporting.

Notable features include:

  • Automation and auto-remediation
  • Endpoint detection
  • Real-time workstation monitoring

11. Ivanti



Does your team work in a remote or hybrid model? Ivanti specializes in work-from-anywhere IT asset management, helping organizations discover, manage, secure, and service all of their assets in one place.

Notable features include:

  • Endpoint mapping
  • Zero trust access
  • Patch management

12. Solarwinds



Solarwinds is an integrated platform that handles everything from IT asset management to database performance to IT service. If you want asset management in one platform with all of your other IT needs, Solarwinds is a smart choice.

Notable features include:

  • Collect inventory data
  • Track contract status
  • Monitor non-IT assets

13. ServiceNow



ServiceNow specializes in asset management for IT devices as well as equipment inventory. It has specialized workflows to help IT manage your assets, mitigate risk, and tighten up security.

Notable features include:

  • Mobile asset receiving
  • Contract management
  • Total cost of ownership tracking

14. SysAid



SysAid can automate all aspects of your IT service desk, including IT asset management. It automates everything from tickets to self-service, helping your team do more in less time.

Notable features include:

  • Inventory management
  • Asset management and monitoring
  • Ticket integration

15. Track-It!



Track-It! primarily bills itself as a ticketing and help desk solution, but it also offers asset management as part of its endpoint management suite. Rely on Track-It! to discover endpoints, track their detailed history, and automatically push updates or patches.

Notable features include:

  • IP address endpoint discovery
  • Financial value tracking
  • Remote access and management

16. EZOfficeInventory



EZOfficeInventory specializes in asset management for tracking, maintaining, and reporting on your assets. It also offers a 15-day free trial so you can try the solution before committing to it.

Notable features include:

  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Purchase orders
  • History tracking

17. Device42



With clients like Walmart and Verizon, Device42 is a reputable asset management solution. It offers IT asset management as well as digital transformation tools and even compliance management.

Notable features include:

  • Software license management
  • Auto-generated barcodes and QR codes
  • Physical and virtual hardware tracking

18. IT Glue


IT Glue

IT Glue keeps your IT team on the same page by bringing assets, documentation, and assets into one dashboard. IT Glue also integrates with an impressive number of solutions like Slack and Microsoft 365, so it’s a solid option for bringing disparate solutions into one platform.

Notable features include:

  • Track any asset
  • Full customization
  • Asset archiving

19. InvGate Insight


InvGate Insight

Insight is a product by InvGate that gives you a unified picture of all your IT assets. It can document virtual, cloud, and physical assets in a single platform that helps you optimize costs and processes.

Notable features include:

  • Asset discovery
  • Security compliance
  • Service desk integration

20. PDQ Inventory


PDQ Inventory

PDQ offers multiple features for asset management, but its Inventory product is perfect for maintaining, monitoring, and tracking your IT assets. Sign up for its free trial to see how it can improve your hardware and software tracking.

Notable features include:

  • Real-time insights
  • Report scheduling
  • Patch and inventory management integrations

21. UpKeep



Although UpKeep is designed for maintenance teams, it’s a smart solution for IT asset management — especially if you want to track non-IT assets. Manage your assets, track their performance, and conduct preventive maintenance with UpKeep’s smart notifications and automation.

Notable features include:

  • Mobile asset management
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom notifications

22. GoCodes



Like UpKeep, GoCodes allows you to track way more than just your IT assets. If you want to track your employees’ tools, mobile devices, or any other assets, GoCodes allows you to do it with simple scanner apps and QR codes.

Notable features include:

  • Mobile app
  • Custom reports
  • Manage both physical IT assets and non-IT assets

23. Sortly



From IT equipment to vehicles to field service tools, Sortly helps businesses keep tabs on the assets they need to move forward. Sortly allows you to track IT assets in real-time, offer check in / check out, and calculate the value of every asset in your business.

Notable features include:

  • High-resolution photos
  • Location tracking
  • Barcode and QR code scanning

24. Symphony SummitAI


Symphony SummitAI

SummitAI handles both software and hardware asset management. Rely on this solution to streamline your spending on software licenses and track the full lifecycle of all your assets.

Notable features include:

  • Audit reporting
  • Hardware variance
  • Continuous endpoint discovery

25. BackBox



BackBox tracks device types, serial numbers, and even licenses for your team. It automatically pulls asset information from your network and generates real-time reports, so you always know what’s going on with your IT assets.

Notable features include:

  • Centralized device management
  • Dynamic inventory
  • Backup verification

If you want to better manage and track your IT assets, these leading IT asset management systems — such as BackBox, Sortly, IT Glue, Device 42, SysAid, Pulseway, and more — are some of the best. Browse this list to find the IT asset management software solution that best meets your company’s needs.

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