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Asset Tracking: Custom Systems and Solutions to Monitor and Track Assets across a Range of Industries

Asset tracking isn’t just for businesses and organizations that handle large quantities of moveable assets. Companies spanning a multitude of industries are finding that asset tracking is a valuable investment that boosts efficiency, improves accuracy and enhances productivity.

As industries grow increasingly complex with technological advancements, new processes and more regulatory demands, organizations struggle to maintain a sense of order. Not only are there more assets to manage, but cost-cutting measures sometimes mean that high-cost resources are shared among teams and departments. Maximizing the usable lifespan of costly assets isn’t a perk; it’s a necessity. Couple these struggles with tightening regulatory requirements, and the need for a centralized, organized, accessible asset management system becomes clear.

Camcode’s range of durable asset tracking labels and barcode label solutions are the foundation of any effective asset tracking system, including some of today’s most challenging applications. Call us today to learn about our customized asset tracking solutions.

Asset tracking systems have proven benefits in a range of industries and applications, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Warehouse
  • Defense
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utility
  • Telecom and Cable
  • Manufacturing

One-Size-Fits-All Asset Tracking Labels Don’t Cut It

With such a wide range in applications, one-size-fits-all asset tracking labels simply don’t cut it. Standard, paper-based barcode labels lack the durability for many environments that could benefit from asset management solutions. That’s why today’s asset tracking labels come in a variety of materials and options to suit the varied needs of modern enterprise applications.

It’s not uncommon for modern assets to be exposed to harsh conditions, such as:

  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Abrasion
  • Frequent cleaning
  • UV
  • Outdoor elements such as rain and snow

Even industries that played a historical role in shaping the U.S. labor force now work with a much broader set of assets as new processes are developed that improve productivity. Alongside these advancements are new industries that have emerged through technological growth and innovation, resulting in the need for organized and reliable systems for tracking assets.

Demand Grows for IT Asset Tracking

IT is one field that has emerged as a result of technological innovation, and it’s played a big role in re-shaping the way many other organizations conduct business. More industries rely on IT assets in the course of day-to-day operations than ever before, marking an unprecedented need for IT asset tracking solutions.

Data centers are everywhere in business today, whether companies maintain their own or use a third-party data center provider. In either case, the world is quickly amassing vast amounts of data that rely on intricate configurations of computers, software and other hardware that must be managed and maintained for ongoing functionality. IT asset tracking systems are essential for adequately identifying network problems, securing the correct replacement parts, and coordinating the many activities involved in keeping such a complex system operational.

Even outside of the data center environment, company offices are filled with IT equipment. Most employees working in an office setting have company-supplied desktops, and enterprises are increasingly supplied with mobile IT such as smartphones and tablets. An IT asset management solution helps deter theft and unwanted transfer, streamlines the coordination of maintenance, and allows for quick replacements when assets fail. Certain businesses and even IT companies providing third-party services to highly-regulated industries may be required to have an IT asset tracking solution that meets minimum standards.

Talk with a Camcode expert today for information on customized IT asset tracking solutions that will help you manage and monitor your high-value assets while enhancing security.

Healthcare Asset Tracking Improves Delivery

Healthcare is just one of many fields increasingly relying on IT assets, but healthcare providers have plenty of other uses for an asset tracking system. Hospital asset tracking needs range from identifying high-value medical devices and equipment that saves lives. Strict maintenance schedules are necessary to maintain operational equipment at all times, but it’s also often required under regulatory guidelines.

The healthcare industry requires a versatile asset tracking system including durable asset tags, tamper-evident asset tags and two-part asset labels. In the healthcare setting, accuracy is vital for maintaining regulatory compliance and improving healthcare delivery. Human error is common in paper-and-pencil documentation methods, which can lead to ordering errors and critical shortages of essential medical supplies.

Get in touch with Camcode to learn more about how our custom healthcare asset tracking solutions can help you improve patient care delivery, boost productivity and improve accuracy.

Government, Utility and Telecom Industries Improve Services with Asset Tracking

Regulations aren’t only tightening in the healthcare industry. Highly-regulated fields like government entities, utility, telecom and cable find significant value in an effective asset tracking system. Applications range from labeling utility poles to facilitate joint-use relationships to accurately mapping out and coordinating maintenance for thousands of street signs to ensure they meet visibility requirements.

In these industries, asset tracking devices must be capable of withstanding continuous exposure to outdoor elements. Depending on the geographic area, that can mean anything from stifling heat for several straight months to a mixed bag of precipitation, including freezing temperatures, strong winds, rain, sleet and snow.

Manual data collection in these applications just isn’t practical, but it was the only realistic solution before asset tracking solutions were available with the durability needed to make the investment worthwhile. Today’s durable asset tracking solutions include asset tracking tags capable of lasting the anticipated lifespan of the asset, which could mean 20 years or more. That means no repeated investments in asset tracking devices.

An effective asset management system consists of asset tags and barcode labels suitable for each application, combined with an asset tracking software solution and barcode scanners, which facilitate the transfer of information between the asset and the software program with a simple bar code scan.

Camcode’s experts work with you to design a customized asset tracking system configured to solve every asset tracking challenge within your organization. Ask about our installation services and add the asset management software program of your choice for a turnkey asset tracking system. Talk with an expert today.