How Does Maintenance Software Help with Warehouse Optimization?

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We typically associate maintenance software with work orders—scheduling and tracking work, and logging asset history to work towards preventive maintenance.
But software like a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can also be used to manage all the bits and pieces that keep your facility running. The system can be a boon to warehouse management because it lets you easily track parts, supplies, and other inventory, which ultimately helps increase the efficiency of your business.
Warehouse Optimization

5 ways a CMMS helps with warehouse optimization

Track inventory

When an asset in your facility goes down, the difference between a small disruption and major downtime can be how well your warehouse is managed. A CMMS lets you log inventory stock levels online, so maintenance technicians and engineers can check and see if a part is available, and where to find it, which helps save valuable time in the event of a breakdown.

Easily order parts

You can set up your CMMS to automatically notify logistics personnel when parts fall below minimum levels, which reduces the chance of being out of stock. You can also order parts through the purchasing section of the CMMS, which makes it easy to calculate all maintenance-related activities at the end of the year, all from one system.

Optimize stock levels

Maintenance software helps you optimize stock levels to meet asset availability requirements, and fine-tune minimum stock levels so that you’re never missing critical parts.
On the flip side, the system also helps pinpoint parts that haven’t moved in a while, which can be a sign of surplus. By returning these for a supplier rebate, you can minimize the number of underused parts kicking around in your warehouse.

Utilize barcodes

Barcoding is one of the easiest ways to get your warehouse under control and maintain an up-to-date record of parts and supplies. Barcodes can be attached to assets or inventory, and then scanned for easy identification and data capture. Conversely, when assets are barcoded, you can use your CMMS to easily find the location of a specific part, and even track it if it moves.

Manage inventory at multiple locations

Managing all the moving parts in one warehouse is a lot, but once you add multiple sites into the equation it becomes impossible without a system. A CMMS enables organizations to track parts and supplies in storage locations at multiple sites. Maintenance technicians or warehouse managers at one site can check in the system to see if a part is available at another site without even having to pick up the phone.


Maintenance software gives you access to real-time information on inventory levels, the value of stock on hand, purchase order history, and outstanding purchase orders. In short, it gives you high-level visibility over the movements of parts and supplies in your facility and ultimately helps you streamline and optimize your warehouse.

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