Camcode to Present at American Gas Association Tracking and Traceability Workshop

agalogoCamcode’s Director of Business Development, Alan Cunningham, will present on the topic of tracking piping assets at the American Gas Association’s (AGA) Tracking and Traceability Workshop on Thursday, October 13, 2016.
Cunningham’s presentation titled, “Developing an Existing Piping Asset Traceability and Tracking Strategy” will focus on the current state of asset management for gas companies, implications in asset tracking, and how to establish and implement an asset management program.
Overall, the AGA Tracking and Traceability Workshop will feature presentations and case studies from pipeline operators, regulators, manufacturers and service providers regarding information encoded on pipe and fittings. Regulators, pipeline operators, and service providers are all invited to participate in this forum.
Presentations and discussions will focus on key issues such as:

  • Guidelines for implementation of ASTM standard in purchasing specifications
  • Tools for capturing field data including geospatial information
  • What types of bar codes manufacturers are including on their products
  • How gas companies implement tracking and traceability standards and regulations
  • Expected regulatory requirements including recordkeeping requirements and plastic piping requirements

For more information on the workshop, click here.

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