Anti-Counterfeit Measures Help Defense Industry Supply Chain

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When most people think about counterfeit items, images of handbags, DVDs of popular movies, and paper money typically come to mind. But counterfeiting has a larger impact on many people and industries, including both consumers and manufacturers.
Counterfeit parts cost countries throughout the world billions of dollars. In addition, they jeopardize an item’s functionality, performance and reliability, as well as endanger the safety and well being of the user.
Two industries that are particularly affected by counterfeiting are the defense and aerospace industries. These areas are susceptible to imitation due to long product lifecycles. For example, a jet is designed to last for decades. But when an electronic component needs replaced, the original component manufacturer often cannot support older technologies. The user or their support contractor is then forced to find alternate sources for components or materials. This is where the potential for receiving counterfeit products, products that don’t meet original specifications, or used products represented as new begins.
According to a U.S. Department of Commerce study, many Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and their direct suppliers do not have adequate procedures in place to stop counterfeit parts from entering their supply chain. Not surprisingly, the DoD and U.S. Government Accountability Office have found that anti-counterfeit measures and traceability in the supply chain is necessary.
As global supply chains continue to advance, the need for anti-counterfeiting measures becomes more apparent. Additional understanding and discussion is necessary to develop the most effective anti-counterfeiting measures for all industries, including the defense and aerospace industries.
Proposed anti-counterfeiting actions include increasing awareness of the issue, and working with industry groups to create standards to reduce the introduction of counterfeit materials into the defense supply chain. These standards can be implemented with current defense Item Unique Identification (IUID) requirements. If you are tasked with combating counterfeiting at the item level, Camcode’s team can help with unique IUID products and services. Ask our team for a free consultation.
Throughout the coming months, Camcode will be reporting on this topic as we seek to advocate the advancement of anti-counterfeiting measures. If you’re a member of the defense or aerospace industry and would like to join in the discussion, contact us today to learn more about anti-counterfeit solutions.

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