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Asset Tags – Proper Adhesive Choices On Asset Labels

Asset Label Tags Adhesives Choices: Asset Tags are available in just a few standard adhesive types. Most Property ID tags and Security Labels are provided with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive to assure they will not be removed from tagged property. The adhesion properties of barcode stickers increase to their most effective after the first 72 hours of initial application. Asset labels are intended to last the useful life of the property they identify and are rarely removed before those items are discarded or retired from service.

Proper surface preparation is critical to maximum adhesion, placing asset tag onto a poorly prepared surface is wasted time because those asset labels will peel right off of a grimy, dirty or dusty surface. Prepared surfaces may take a bit more time, but will hold the barcode sticker tags securely over the lifetime of the assets. Use of a small roller to firmly attach the asset tag helps to remove air bubbles.

Tamper Evident Polyester asset tags have a special, two-part adhesive that leaves a “Void” pattern on the surface of equipment once it has been removed to warn that it has been tampered with. This special adhesive quality is effective in deterring theft of movable high-value assets.

There are very aggressive adhesives available that will withstand extreme temperatures. Camcode’s foil label has a 5 mil, 3M adhesive with a temperature range of -40° to 400°F.

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